Creating a sub-domain

By default, your Engaging Networks pages will run on one of our default domains:

For example,

If you are limiting which domains can be used for your pages, then the default domains may not be able to display your pages.

However, you can use a subdomain of your own website domain, such as “” to replace these default domains. To do that, please contact support or check this page.

Setting your base URLs

To change the base URL that your page uses, go to the admin of your action by clicking on the cog icon and enter the “Base URL”. 

You can also set a default Base URL in your account by going to the Hello Menu > Account Settings > Account Preferences”, so that you don’t need to amend the page each time it is created.

Note that you cannot add just any domain here – only our default domains, or domains set up with SSL, will be able to display the page.


  • If a browser is saying that your page is not secure, please ensure that you are providing an HTTPS link and not HTTP to your supporters

  • If this does not work, ensure that each image is called using https and not http. The same should be true of any other files you are using in your templates, such as JavaScript or CSS files. Some https image files can also redirect to a http file (WordPress can do this) so it is advisable to host all your files and images with Engaging Networks using the Images and Files library.

  • If a page is saying Not Found, check that you are using an allowed domain.

  • Please contact support with any questions regarding base URLs or SSL